Hails from River Ridge, LA with a B.S. Degree in Forestry Management from Louisiana State University. GIS Analyst, Forester, Tech Guru, Woodsman, Steward, UAV Operator, Field Producer are just a few interests & skills to name a few.

Working three years with the Louisiana Department of Agriculture & Forestry on Federal U.S. Forest Service Southern Annual Forestry Inventory Survey (SAFIS) cruising & tallying timber plots in the states of LA, MS & AL. Currently working as a 20+ year Geospatial Professional with proficiencies in GIS, Orthophotography, Remote Sensing, Cartography, Photogrammetry & Forestry.

Modern day life smothers the adventurous soul - It's time to "Get Outside & Recharge." Helping & Aiding like-minded Outdoor Enthusiasts is a solid way to "give-back, educate & pass on the knowledge of our natural world."

Scott J. Owens, Geospatial AnalystRiver Ridge, Louisiana



Our goal is getting folks into for the first time or back out to the Outdoors while confidently enjoying a solitary adventure in a safe & lawful manor. Wild Camp Services can be a stress free peace of mind option & detailed course of action to your Wild Camping education.


CAMPTERRA'S Wild Camp Services (W.C.S) offers both Novice & Veteran Outdoor Enthusiasts valuable information, guidance & solutions to get started in or the choosing of - great Wild Campsites and/or Courses for all the planning that goes along with it.


Conceived from the Mind of a Forester & GIS Analyst - We utilize 10-Wild Camp Site Suitability Criteria, taken from working Forestry & Geospatial Industry principles, practices & techniques to effectively narrow down & locate areas of interest (AOI's) for potential Wild Camp Sites or Plots to explore & establish.


Preserving & Passing On the Traditions of Outdoor Recreation to ensure our Forests & Wildlands remain healthy and free for all to enjoy for decades to come. Also, we promote/foster Forest Stewardship which is based on conservation principles that ensure protection of all forest resources including wildlife, timber, soil, water recreational opportunities and naturally appealing aesthetics.