LAMS Wild Camp Alliance


The LAMS Wild Camp Alliance Mission is to promote Outdoor Recreation through the discovery of Southern Wild Camping & building a Community around it. It is also designed to educate Outdoor Recreationist who may be new to Southern Wild Camping with the knowledge, skills & abilities for consistently locating lawful wild camp locations through wilderness approach, geospatial mapping & digital outdoor navigation (D.O.N.).

Goals for LAMSWCA:

1. Wild Camp Community, Colaboration & Networking.

2. Offer a Southern Field Experience - Plan Wild Camping Trips.

3. Establish the Wilderness "Mind Set" Approach.

4. Offer Education through Courses, Consulting, Literature & Speaking Events.

5. Foster the 7-Criteria for loacting Wild Campsites in the South.

6. Raise Southern Wild Camping Awareness as its own Outdoor Recreation Genre.

7. To Harbor & Enact "Leave No Trace" principles afield.

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LAMS Wild Camp Alliance 2023 1st Annual Spring Wild Camp